The “We” Within My WHY!

December 9, 2019 - Inspiration, Side Bar
The “We” Within My WHY!

When we started here at Aliyaj’s Jewell, we knew that we had to invest in our people if we want to see a change. Not just some temporary or symbolic change, a true tangible generational change. Years of teaching has allowed me to see that everyone is not ready for change, and when a person is stuck in one place it really limits the exposure to the  number of people that seeking that change. My “why” is the desire to empower people in a way that we can make individual choices that will create collective results. This will have to be done first by creating a paradigm shift in the mental and social engineering that has persisted since the inception of this nation. We have to get past the cognitive dissonance that will often be encountered. Then will come the 4 “E’s” of elevation. All of these components are what makes operation TRIP-OUT so impactful and innovative. These areas of life can transcend any area that some may want to box themselves into. We realize that if we address the issues of the mind-body & soul, then it will allow us to make the decisions that will elevate is to heights unknown. We would love the opportunity to come and speak with your group, team or congregation about these mind blowing  aspects of change. I know I can’t, but I am certain that we can together. Contact us at to schedule an event. We can also be reached at 469.673.4156.

(Why Not, When We Can?!)

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