Learning To Win

December 3, 2019 - Inspiration, Side Bar
Learning To Win

Far to often we get caught up things just being a win or a loss.  We have realize that sometimes both entities can be in play at the same time.At times we win personally, but we take a loss collectively. Other times a situation  ay seem like you took an “L”, but you learn from the process. This at times can be the biggest win of all. We find out what things don’t work, or how they can be modified to where they will. We must start to differentiate between a loss, and a learning situation.  Some of the time we play it to safe, and end up not making any gains in the process. If we stay stationary, in a world that is moving all around us, then we will find ourselves stagnant. Stagnation breeds death, and that will be the biggest loss of them all. Wasted potential is detrimental to society. If we do not move, then we do not prosper. If we do not prosper, then we begin to regress.  If we continue to regress, we will find ourselves in a worse situation than we were prior. Now is the time to do something about all of the potential that is within you. Now is the time to explore the opportunities set before you. Now is the time. NOW!

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