Many individuals, churches, schools, groups, etc. are always looking for new and innovative ways to raise funds. If that includes you, then look no farther. Aliyaj’s Jewell has partnered with a fundraising giant to offer numerous profit producing fundraisers that can be performed all year around.  No longer do you have to just do the same old activity or product to increase the funds in your account. If you are in need of a fundraiser to allow others to support your agenda, please reach out to us at (682)216-5898. Or, an email can be sent to

We know that many people are extremely busy, and this is why we will include some videos that will all for a brief explanation of a number of the awesome fundraising options that we have available to you your groups. We look forward to hearing from you for more details once you see the fundraiser(s) that will elevate your team momentarily.


Scratch & Help Fundraiser

Discount Cards Fundraiser

Spinners Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Popcorn Fundraiser

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Fundraiser

Snacks Fundraiser

Cotton Candy Fundraiser

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