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The “We” Within My WHY!
When we started here at Aliyaj’s Jewell, we knew that we had to invest in our people if we want to see a change. Not just some temporary or symbolic [...]
Learning To Win
Far to often we get caught up things just being a win or a loss.  We have realize that sometimes both entities can be in play at the same time.At times we [...]
Make It Happen
It is time to stop waiting on others to feed your success. We must make up our minds to take control of our situations in life, and direct our destiny [...]

When They See Us! (Thoughts)
Will or Won’t?!
  WHAT DID ARETHA FRANKLIN & PRINCE HAVE IN COMMON? Both of these influential,iconic and inspiring artists were the epitome of music royalty. [...]

New Year, New You! Don’t be a victim!

Even though things worked out smoothly before he had to use the lawyers, you see how many instances in the past years that have not gone so well.  We must protect our rights.




Good To Have Just In Case
Aretha Franklin died without a Will!
As some of us are still mourning the death of the “Queen of Soul,” it has come to the light that she died without a Will.  We are not talking about [...]



We Can Uplift Them if We Will Teach Them
  El Roi Roberson May 11 at 7:43pm Dr. Sebi always spoke about drinking Pure spring water straight from the earth. Real unprocessed Electric mineral-rich spring water. Dr Sebi knew the healing properties this type spring is very powerful in healing. I drink water straight from a spring untouched. Pure alkaline spring water enhances and […]