Will or Won’t?!
  WHAT DID ARETHA FRANKLIN & PRINCE HAVE IN COMMON? Both of these influential,iconic and inspiring artists were the epitome of music royalty. [...]
  El Roi Roberson May 11 at 7:43pm Dr. Sebi always spoke about drinking Pure spring water straight from the earth. Real unprocessed Electric mineral-rich spring water. Dr Sebi knew the healing properties this type spring is very powerful in healing. I drink water straight from a spring untouched. Pure alkaline spring water enhances and […]
Drink Better to Live Better!
Teshuäter Is Even Better!
This report shows the benefits of ionized alkaline water, which can fade in efficacy rapidly. Imagine how much better an all natural alkaline water is for [...]
See the evolution of Teshuater from the CEO’s eyes!
Happy New Year
We here at Aliyaj’s Jewell want to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.  With that being said, we want to make sure that we continue to provide the [...]
Drink Your Way to Health
In our pursuit of Investing to Empower People, we have come across an awesome alkaline water company based out of Houston, TX. Teshuater  is a black owned [...]