Aliyaj’s Jewell is a company dedicated to the uplifting and empowerment of everyone that we can possibly reach. For far to long most of us have depended on others to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. Why do we depend on the government for guidance, when it is not in the best of shape itself? Why do we depend on salesmen and saleswomen to invest our money for us, instead of us learning to invest ourselves? Why do we allow the government to take out all of the taxes that they want before we even see it, and then hope that they give us some of the money back at the end of the year? Why do we allow ourselves to be taxed at the highest tax percentage, and the rich barely get taxed at all? The reason is the lack of financial knowledge. Please understand, financial ignorance is not a bad thing. Financial stupidity is. Ignorance can be overcome, but in the word’s of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

In a nutshell, this is why we created Aliyaj’s Jewell. Financial ignorance does not have to persist at the rate that it does. Financial information, along with basic economics, and a little accounting will get us past this roadblock. The story of giving the man a fish, and teaching him how to fish comes to mind. The government thinks that throwing money at the economy is going to solve the problem, but as we have seen that is only making the problem worse. The educational system does not teach much (if anything) about financial literacy. Traditional educators continue to teach old ideas in an attempt to overcome new issues. We are in the Information Age. Educators are teaching Industrial Age concepts that are no longer relative to our present day economic situation. The world is changing fast, but our educational system stays the same. There is something wrong with that picture. We have to change our minds, to change our lives.

We will discuss things such as:

*Income Sectors

*Earned Income vs. Passive Income

*Tax Benefits & Loopholes

*Money vs. Currency

*and much much more…

Education without action is pointless.  That is similar to faith without works is dead.  This is where we have to learn to use resources that are readily available, but seldom publicized come into play.  We have numerous resources that could probably assist in our everyday lives, but they are often not revealed to the masses.  This is why we have to not only reveal these resources, but make them available to all.  We have to reach one to teach one.  Once they are taught, then they are given resources to propel them to take action.  Once they have taken action, then change begins to happen.  When change happens, then change begets change.  When people begin to change, movements begin.  We at Aliyaj’s Jewell look forward to a movement toward financial independence in our community, our city, our state, and our country!



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