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Drink Your Way to Health
In our pursuit of Investing to Empower People, we have come across an awesome alkaline water company based out of Houston, TX. Teshuater  is a black owned [...]



Sometimes when one is in the most pain is when they have the courage to speak up. Someone in the midst of a storm usually tries to ride it out, and ask for help when the turmoil has ceased. This is why we have seen so much of the corruption and injustice exposed years if not decades after the fact. It is now time to scream out in the midst of the storm so that not only can you get the needed assistance, but you can hopefully warn others before they are overcome by the disaster.  The un-justice system is broken in many ways. We cannot fix it all at once, so we have to expose every component which is. Piece by piece we have tear down this broken system, and renovate it to be a proponent of penitence, instead of a tangled web of for profit gain. Where officers have to lie about their work to say that they met unjustified quotas. Where municipalities have to give these monitoring companies a minimum number of participants to justify the contracts that have been agreed upon. Where private prisons talk about people as if they are livestock or some type of commodity that they need to increase their for profit operations. This should not be so, and we must scream in the midst of the storm to make something happen. Power surrenders nothing without a demand!


Scream In The Midst Of The Storm!