We all have affiliations, but are they all beneficial.  When we look at our success, we can usually associate it with our affiliations.  Are we surrounding ourselves with successful people, or are we just settling for the status quo?  Are we socializing with people that inspire us to do better, or are we the most successful person in our clique?  When we don’t surround ourselves with those doing as well, if not better than ourselves, then we have a tendency to become complacent.  Complacency breeds stagnation, and stagnation breeds death.  Even though our affiliations won’t usually physically kill us, unless we are really hanging around the wrong crowd, they can be the death of our success.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you who to include in your life, but if someone is not trying to better themselves I would at least consider disassociating yourself from them until they are at least making an effort.  A person not trying to do anything never will.  An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.  An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.  The same principle relates to people as well.  It is nothing wrong with pulling someone up as you elevate yourself, but if you have to drag them the they are just dead weight.  The world is moving to fast to carry any unneeded burdens along the way.  We have to be prepared to seize the moment when opportunity presents itself.  The opportunity of a lifetime is only available within the lifetime of that opportunity.

This is why Aliyah’s Jewell has to primary affiliations at this moment.  We will most assuredly implement board additional associations in the future, but at this time we have these as our foundation.  First we have 4PeoplesChoice Solutions.  This is our educational association.  We believe that everything revolves around knowledge.  Either our personal knowledge, or the wisdom of those that are experts in the areas that we are looking to involve ourselves in.  4PeoplesChoice Solutions educates people and businesses in ares such as financial literacy, assets vs. liabilities, asset protection, entities, investing, and much more…

Our other affiliation is dedicated to social justice.  Legalshield is an awesome resource that we use to give people access to two very much needed benefits.  Affordable legal counsel and comprehensive identity theft protection.  What is the point of obtaining wealth, just to relinquish it to others due to ignorance of the law or lack of protection of own personal identity.  Either of these culprits can rob of of everything that we have & more.

It is our mission to empower people to take control of their lives.  We have to relieve ourselves of dependence on the government, and learn to handle our affairs in the proper way ourselves.  We have to have knowledgeable and wise counsel to accomplish this task.  This is where we come in.  As the old saying goes, give a man a fish & he will be able to maintain for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will be able to sustain for life.2015-06-25 16.17.12